The land of fire and ice

Thinking about Iceland, one can imagine spectacular scenery, ice all around, the breathtaking aurora borealis, dog sleds, glaciers and much more. Well, this is all true! Besides, The Land of Fire and Ice has plenty of adventures to offer.

Iceland is known for its diverse festivals for music, arts, and culture.

June is a busy time with 13 festivals taking place!

Breiðholt Festival for music and arts presents artists with a connection to Breiðholt and puts a spotlight on the diverse arts from the neighborhood.

The Vaka Folk Arts Festival is an opportunity to enjoy Iceland’s very best folk musicians and dancers along with performers from northern Europe – all deeply rooted in the traditions of their place.

The annual Viking Festival will make you feel like you have been transferred back in time a thousand years or so. The Viking Village hosted the festival presenting a Middle Age market where true Vikings sell their wares at the market; leather goods, fur, silver jewelry, swords and exquisite horns made of bones. They roast lamb, fight, dance, tell stories and show the ways of living of the old Vikings.

Höfn’s town’s main trademark is the tasty lobster, so that’s where the Lobster Festival takes place. food lovers, this is a place for you to enjoy!

With the courtesy of the Icelanders, everyone can fit in with a suitable celebration!

Have you ever seen an Icelandic horse?

The Icelandic horse arrived in Iceland with the first Vikings inhabitants and has a very special place in the hearts of the Icelanders. When you will have the honor of meeting one, you will immediately fall in love; They are more curious, intelligent, and independent than other horse breeds.

In 982 the Icelandic Parliament passed a law against the importation of other horse breeds into the country, thus keeping the breed in complete isolation within the island for over a thousand years. It is one of the purest horse breeds in the world, with an average lifespan of 40 years. This lifetime measure allows the Icelandic horse to become part of an Icelandic family!

If you are a traveler that is looking for some new adventures, then add diving in Iceland activity to your bucket list! Diving in Iceland is considered a must among divers around the world. Iceland represents a unique opportunity to dive into a crack created by connecting the two tectonic plates of the Americas and Europe. While scuba diving you can simultaneously touch the two continents! The Siplera diving site (means “the silver lady”) is known for its clear waters (up to 100 meters view) and the low temperature (from 2-4 degrees). This is a mesmerizing experience.

Snorkeling is open to anyone! Take a briefing, wear the suits and jump into the water.

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